Winter is still going strong. As these cold fronts pass through North Texas, you could end up freezing if your home heating unit's not in good shape!

Before temperatures drop even more, now is a great time to upgrade your home heating unit. Keep reading to discover some unignorable signs that your heater needs an upgrade. 

1. Noisy Unit 

Shaking and/or rattling is not normal operating sounds for your home heating unit. If your unit's squeaking, clanking, rumbling, or all of the above, call us for a replacement!


Loud or unexpected noises coming from your home heating unit are a sure sign that its time is nearing the end. Whether your blower is louder than it used to be or if you notice a groaning sound from your furnace—any uncalled or unwarranted noise is a sign for a replacement, or better yet, an upgrade.

2. An Old Home Heating Unit

If your unit happens to be noisy, it might be showing its age. Heating units will typically last for about a decade or so. Older models become less efficient and more expensive to repair as time goes on. Get ahead of costly and needless repairs by purchasing a new model. Fresh Air HVAC handles all installs easily! In addition to avoiding costly repairs, another benefit of upgrading an old unit is saving on energy costs. Replacing your old unit with a new Energy Star model can save you up to 20% on your energy bill! You’ll save money and better yet you’ll avoid the headache of waiting till the last minute.

3. The Energy Bills Are Too High

A faulty, old, or inefficient heating unit is going to end up costing you: whether its high energy bills, constant fiddling with the thermostat to get it just right, or the repair bills. If you find that your home heating unit is costing you too much, go ahead and replace it. These replaceable heating units are not only wearing you down, but they’re taking a toll on the environment as well. Older heating units are not as efficient as modern ones, and usually require more energy to heat to a comfortable level. Some units can be fixed to be a bit more efficient, but often there is no more beneficial fix than an upgrade. 

4. Endless Repairs

Here at Fresh Air HVAC, we believe in bringing you comfort and saving you money. Sometimes repairs may be the solution.


But in other cases, no amount of repairs can fix an irreparably worn-down unit. Sometimes the cost outweighs the benefit and that money spent on repairs would be much better spent on a better functioning upgrade.


Another way to ensure that constant repairs don’t go to waste, is investing in routine maintenance throughout your unit’s lifetime. There’s no better time to start than right now! Contact us today to learn a bit more about our maintenance agreements, which provide you with routine visits from our knowledgeable technicians, and actually save you money by avoiding those big, costly repairs.  

5. Extended Running Time 

If your home heating unit is usually running longer than normal, that’s a sign that it is struggling to maintain your desired comfort temperature. This normally happens once a heating unit has aged a good amount of years. You may try to run repairs on the unit, but if it is still running for extended periods of times, it may be time for an upgrade.

Let us keep you comfortable!

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